New Protocols for Drop Off and Pick Up During Covid-19

Thank you for your patience in waiting for us to re-open. We are careful, cautious people, and tried very hard to account for all possible issues and to do things in the best way to keep everyone safe from both Covid-19 and any other potential problems. It was really important to us to keep the dogs safe from getting loose in traffic. We hope that you can take comfort in knowing that your dog is being handled by very careful, cautious people at least. Welcome back!

Things will be a bit different when you bring your dog to see us for its next grooming appointment. Here are a few things to remember for when you come in next time:

-          Please give instructions over the phone when you book. We are strongly recommending short trims, since most dogs are overdue and some will be matted. We’re approaching warm weather, so short is sensible this time around.


-          We will be doing straight through grooming on each dog so your dog will not be with us for as long as he or she used to be. We will give you a pick up time and will need you to come right at that time so that we stagger drop off and pick up traffic. 


-         Walk your dog before your appointment. This is even more important during this time with our more limited schedule as re-baths due to accidents will put us behind.


-          If you have a mask, we encourage you to wear it for drop off and pick up. Masks help droplets contained when you talk, breathe, cough, or sneeze. We really appreciate it and we will be wearing masks too.


-          The door will be kept locked. You will need to be buzzed in as only one person will be allowed in the shop at a time (so please only send one family member for drop off or pick up). There is an intercom with a doorbell button there. As you hear the door buzz, just pull the handle.


-         There is a doggy playpen in the entrance. Put your dog into it and remove your dog’s leash, collar and / or harnesses to take with you.


-          When you pick up your dog, if you’d like to check the trim, go to the front window – left side by the hedge. There is an intercom at that window too. We’ll show you your dog for approval. Give us the thumbs up, or it the talk button on the intercom if want any changes. 


-         We will still accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Debit and Cash. The point of sale will be cleaned after each use. Other contact surfaces (door handle, intercom button) will be cleaned frequently. We can call you later in the day to schedule further appointments.


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