Covid-19 Updates


July 8, 2020 Update:

Hours are Tuesday - Saturday, by appointment only.

Our scheduling will be very different as we will need to control traffic. We will be staggering drop off and pick up times and grooming dogs straight through as much as possible. That means that we need you to be right on time for your appointment, and that we will need you to pick your dog up at the pick up time that we give you when you drop off.

Absolutely no drop ins for anything for the duration of the global pandemic. 

Limited nail trimming appointments are now available at the same price as before.  We had to suspend the drop in format due to Covid-19 and the need to control traffic and the number of people coming into the shop. We realize that this is inconvenient, but until there is a vaccine, it's the new reality. We can't accommodate the volume of nails we were doing - which was sometimes as many as 30 - 40 drop ins per day - so you may have to wait for your appointment.

Door will be locked at all times. You will need to be buzzed in, and only those people with appointments will be allowed into shop, and only one person at a time. If you need to talk to us, call. We may not answer the phone if we have our hands full, but if you leave a message, we will call you back when we can.

Please be kind. We know the pandemic is frustrating and the changes will be hard for some of you. They are hard for us too, and costly. We are doing the best we can in a historic situation to keep our clients and ourselves safe. Since we have completely changed how we schedule and work, and are working at reduced volume to allow time for airing out and cleaning of our shop and entry area between clients, our revenue has decreased significantly. However we feel that we need to take every measure possible to keep everyone safe.

Please wear a mask when you are in our shop as you are entering a small space, and masks can help prevent the spread of Covid-19. Thank you!

See our new drop off and pick up protocols here.      See what the fuss is all about here.

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